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Entrepreneur is a publication for businesses owners, offering inspiration and information on marketing, management, technology, the latest trends and strategies.
Posted by Lale Yurtseven on 1/7/10; 10:04:36 PM from the dept.


General Market and Business News

Reuters reports on current market conditions, stock exchange, and business news.
Posted by Lale Yurtseven on 1/7/10; 9:59:34 PM from the dept.


Lale Yurtseven

Lale Yurtseven:


My name is Lale Yurtseven. I am a part-time faculty member in the Business Division at De Anza College. I currently teach BUS 56, Human Relations and Business, and BUS 10, Intro to Business.

A bit about my background:
I am Turkish, I grew up in Germany and I came to the United States in 1986 as an exchange student. I returned to earn my Bachelor's Degree in International Relations at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. I continued at the Fisher Graduate School of International Business to earn my M.B.A. in International Management. I have lived in San Jose since 1997.

Prior to my teaching career, I worked for different multi-national companies for several years, ranging from small companies to industry giants. I mostly worked in management and business development. In 2001, I co-founded a small technology business in the Bay Area where I am still involved as a manager.

I also work independently as a Workforce Training Professional. I offer training courses, seminars, and workshops for companies in Professional Selling, Customer Service, Management Training, Team Work Skills, Communication and Interpersonal Skills Training.

I am also a part-time teacher at West Valley College and Mission College in the Bay Area.

Course Expectations: Regardless of the course you are taking, I expect students to keep up with current business news. I have posted two links on top of this page. Please visit those or similar websites frequently to be informed about current topics we may discuss in class.

Posted by Lale Yurtseven on 11/9/06; 4:19:04 PM from the dept.


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