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Iva Tracey's Homepage


 Welcome to my website!

I am an instructor of English as a Second Language (ESL) at De Anza College. I teach a variety of ESL courses that encompass reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Thanks to diverse backgrounds of my students, intercultural communication is also an integral part of my classes.

This website includes information about courses that I am currently teaching, as well as links to websites that can help you become a successful ESL student.

Contact Information:



"Whatever our country by birth or by choice,

now is the time to unite with one voice.

As we look to the future with respect for the past,

and strive in the present for dreams that will last,

to reach our potential as one and a nation,

giving all a fair go without hesitation.

And regardless of faith, to keep faith…

in our future, our planet and ourselves."        

(Catherine DeVrye)


World Peace by Barbara Klunder

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