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I am adjunct faculty in the Business and CIS department, where I teach Dreamweaver classes.

I am knowledgeable in developing course materials using Catalyst (our Moodle-based course management system), and have a special interest in the use and development of media-based materials (specifically using the Macintosh iLife suite of tools to create podcasts, and the creation of QuickTime movies).  This, of course, requires that I have some sensitivity to, and knowledge of, accessibility issues for mediated material, so I have taught myself how to add text tracks to QT movies and use the Macaw software tool for syncing text to movies so that the hearing impaired can also benefit from materials developed in this medium.  With that knowledge I created several QuickTime movies on introductory material for Catalyst and for the class I teach on Adobe's web development software, Dreamweaver.  You can view those movies by going to De Anza's iTunes U site and scrolling to "Catalyst Training" (near the bottom of the page) or to the Dreamweaver icon about 2/3 of the way down the page. (You need to have the iTunes software installed on your computer first.)

Other projects I am working on now include acting as co-chair of (an international non-profit organization dedicated to using the Mac for teaching and learning -- check out its web site and the Apple Learning Interchange).  I also do independent consulting for other community colleges, focusing on IT management, and am an Apple Professional Development Trainer for Apple, Inc.  As a member of the faculty of CAUDIT (the Council of Australian University Directors of Information Technology) I teach management principles at a week-long training institute in Coolangatta, Australia, every August.  Finally, I am co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Interactive Mobile Solutions, a start-up company focusing on developing social networking software for the iPhone (and other smart mobile devices, such as Blackberry and Palm) for professional conferences and meetings.

Previously, I was Academic Coordinator in the Distance Learning Department at De Anza.  And before that I was Vice Chancellor, Technology, for the Foothill-De Anza Community College District.  For more detailed information about me see my EDUCAUSE Peer Profile.

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You can reach me at my email address:


Posted by Willie Pritchard on 10/2/06; 11:45:43 AM from the dept.


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