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Portfolio Letter for Students

    Portfolio Instructions

Dear English 100 student:

Because the English Department is committed to your success here at De Anza and to your goals after your education, your writing for English 100B will be assessed both by your instructor and by other faculty members in the English Department.

This assessment process has two parts.

First, you must complete the required work in your English 100B at a satisfactory level. Your instructor will give you specific information on both what work is required and the criteria for earning a SATISFACTORY level.

Second, all students who satisfactorily complete the English 100B required coursework will submit a portfolio of their writing for departmental assessment.
This portfolio will include
    one in-class paper and
    one paper written out of class
(at least one of  these two papers must be an analytical paper),
    and a reflective paper describing and reflecting on your growth as a writer throughout the quarter.

This portfolio will be evaluated by a team of instructors that includes your instructor. If the assessment team agrees your work indicates readiness for English 1A, you will PASS English 100B. If the assessment team agrees your work does NOT indicate readiness for English 1A, you will receive a NO PASS for English 100B. If the assessment team does not agree, a third English instructor will review your portfolio and resolve the disagreement.

The English Department has created this portfolio assessment system to encourage all students to become effective writers, one of the hallmarks of a successful student and of a successful professional.

If you have questions about the portfolio or the portfolio assessment, speak with your instructor.


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