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Examples of Quiz Questions for Small Groups

Three Quizzes: One for a Literature Class, one for English 1A, and one for English 1B.  All are of the type meant for group quizzes, from small to large.

Here is a quiz from a Mythology and Folklore Class.

In groups of 2 or 3, WRITE answers to 2 of the following questions.

  1. As you read the two Japanese folktales, do you see different cultural values than those of the Russian tales?  What?
  2. Those of you who know Japanese manga:  does either Japanese folktale remind you of themes you have seen there?  Give 2 specific examples.
  3. Some of you may know the Disney version of “Sleeping Beauty” --- which version do you prefer?  Why?
  4. If ALL of these stories are the product of folk (poor people’s) oral culture, what can you say about the wishes and desires of the poor?  What secret desires seem to be embedded which might not have been said out loud?
  5. Try doing a syntagmatic analysis (Propp) of “Hansel and Gretel,” with 4 functions.
EWRT 1A: The following is a quiz which students do in the computer lab, so it should be a learning tool for computer use and for quoting, plus a push toward critical thinking

Quiz #1 – EWRT 1A

This is open book and with a partner!

1.     From the articles by Bush, Foxworthy, Volk, and Gonzalez Yuen, choose one sentence you both agree with.  Quote it using any old introduction, such as

The sentence which is correct is “ . . . “ (Bush 474).

Then tell, in one or two sentences WHY you agree with it.

 2. From the same articles, choose one sentence which you CANNOT agree with or sympathize with.  Quote it, using any old introduction, and then tell, in one or two sentences, what is wrong about it.

WRITE BOTH of your names at the bottom of the quiz.

Now copy it and paste it into an email which you send to

Here are quiz questions which I wrote for a LINC class -- SPCH 10 and EWRT 1B - and used them for the Provocative Questions exercise.

Describe the communication issues (flight behavior, blocks, etc.) in the Chinese restaurant scene when Shug tells Celie about her new love, Germaine.

Consider the seemingly ideal world of family and friends that surrounds Celie at the end of the novel. What are the gender roles in this world like? Do you see any benefits or problems with Walker’s vision?

What role do you think Sofia plays in the novel? Describe her character and how she contributes to the themes in the book.

 Consider the epistolary (letter) form of the novel. What benefits derive from this form for the telling of the story? What drawbacks does it have?

 Describe one of the gender crossings in the novel.  What is Alice Walker’s opinion of gendered roles?

 Explain the reunions that take place at the end of the novel. Is there anything that is not reconciled or re-united? Explain your answer.

 The main subplot revolves around Nettie in Africa. How does this relate to and impact the main plot of Celie?

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