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documentation game

reading magazines:
This works really well if you divide the class into their groups at the class prior to the one with the game.  Then, each person in the group takes as part of the homework the assignment to become an expert on one aspect of documentation, such as
  • popular magazines
  • juried (academic) journals
  • single-author books
  • essays or stories in an anthology
  • websites
  • songs from a CD
  • films
  • etc.
Review the basics of parenthetical documentation and how that relates to the Works Cited list or References list.
  1. Divide up your board space so that each group has 3 -5 feet. If you don't have enough, use butcher paper taped to the walls or overhead transparencies.
  2. Start by giving each group a popular magazine and asking them to write a sentence which includes a quoted phrase or sentence from an article in the magazine.  They must write both the sentence and the Works Cited/ References citation on the board.
  3. The first group to finish gets one point.
  4. Every group to get it perfect gets one point.
  5. When a group says it is finished, then any group that finds an error in their work gets a point.
  6. Continue on with a printout of a website, then films, then . . . .
You can make this a cooperative game by having the goal that of getting every single sentence and every single citation in the room correct -- thus encouraging the more able students to assist those who don't yet understand the concepts.

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