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Student Weekly Clinical Guidelines

NOTE: These are guidelines based on a medical-surgical setting.  Variations in expectations for students will exist when a student is assigned to a specialty setting, such as ICU or L&D.


Orient to clinical setting.  Use this Preceptorship Scavenger Hunt or you may use one specific to your unit.  Keep completed scavenger hunt in your preceptorship packet.  Review all information from your Clinical Orientation and print pages for review.

Become familiar with unit documentation procedures.  Ensure computer and Pyxis access codes are functional; problem solve as needed.

Introduce yourself to the unit staff.

Identify areas in which skills are weak, using the Nursing Student Inventory List. (Complete this and place it in your preceptorship packet.)

Assume care for 25-50% of normal patient assignment with preceptor assistance.

Review objectives with preceptor.

Review goals with preceptor; develop additional goals as needed.

Complete Weekly Clinical Updates.

Remind preceptor to complete Preceptor Documentation Page after the middle 1/3 of preceptorship is completed, or when a natural break occurs around that time.  Provide copy to clinical instructor.


Assume care for 50-75% of normal patient assignment with preceptor assistance.

Focus on organizational skills.

Seek experiences to improve identified weak areas and meet preceptorship goals.

Review goals and objectives with preceptor; add additional goals as needed.

Ensure Preceptor Documentation Page is completed and provide copy to clinical instructor prior to clinical evaluation due date.

Complete clinical evaluation by the midpoint shift and provide to instructor as directed (have available at clinical for Ms. Friend, complete electronically and e-mail for Ms. O'Neill).

Complete weekly clinical updates.


Assume care for 75-100% of normal patient assignment, with minimal preceptor assistance.

Seek out opportunities to examine legal/ethical/managerial aspects of nursing such as charge nurse observation, delegation, transcribing of physician orders.

Review goals and objectives with preceptor; write additional goals as needed.

Focus on organizational skills and prioritization of patient care.

Ensure that Preceptor Documentation Page is completed on time; provide copy to clinical instructor.


Assume care for 100% of normal patient assignment with minimal or no preceptor assistance.

Review goals and objectives; ensure that all clinical objectives will be completed.

Focus on organizational skills and prioritization of patient care.

Complete clinical evaluation by the final shift; provide to clinical instructor as directed (have at clinical for Ms. Friend's final site visit; send electronic copy to Ms. O'Neill).

Assemble final clinical paperwork as directed.

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