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Beginning Your Preceptorship

You are to assemble a “Preceptorship Packet” which will be kept in a safe place (to be determined by you and your preceptor) on your assigned clinical unit at all times.  This packet will include the following items, most of which can be located elsewhere on the class website.


Before starting your preceptorship you must do the following:

  • Submit the Preceptorship Agreement Sheet to the instructor.
  • Submit your preceptorship schedule, as far as it is known, in writing. *
  • Show the instructor, on orientation day, your Preceptorship Packet, including goals tailored to your learning needs.




Objectives: These are the pre-selected items located on the Clinical Evaluation Tool Nursing 86L.  Every student will review the objective frequently with his/her preceptor; as with other nursing courses, those which must be met are indicated with an asterisk (*) on the tool.


Goals: These are student-selected items, tailored by your own learning needs.  These will vary based on your experience, strengths/areas for improvement, and specific clinical settings.  Several Sample Student Goals can be viewed.  Note that these are in nursing diagnosis format (e.g., “Weak Organization Skills”, etc.).  You may choose any or all of these examples to utilize.  These are provided for your use: you do not need to re-invent the wheel by rewriting them!  You are expected, however, to individualize/tailor these to yourself by deleting interventions not appropriate to your learning needs, adding other interventions, rewriting goal statements, etc.  In addition to the goal examples on the website, it is also useful to create a blank template for other goals you wish to add during your preceptorship.  This is recommended for individualizing goals for your unique setting.


Weekly Updates: During your preceptorship you are expected to evaluate your progress in writing on the goals you have set for yourself.  These written updates are due each week at theory class.  Although you might not work on each of your goals every week, you must turn in an evaluation of 3 goals (minimum) per week.  Templates can be found on the Catalyst course page.

* Please submit all preceptorship schedules and any updates in writing.  Scheduled revisions must be dated.  No verbal updates are permitted.

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