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Welcome to my homepage.

For Fall Quarter 2014 I am teaching three sections of Hybrid EWRT 1A. The hybrid sections combine online instruction with required 50 minute face-to-face class sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, beginning at 10:30am (section 2Y); 11:30am (section 4Y); and 12:30pm (section 6Y). You can read a course description which includes the course requirements, types of assignments, and the required texts English 1A hybrid.

I am also teaching two sections of online EWRT 2, Critical Reading, Wring and Thinking, sections 67z and 68z. Instruction is online thru De Anza's Catalyst system. There will be no required classroom meetings for this online course. You can read a description of the course which includes the course requirements, the types of assignments, and the required texts English 2 Online.

red flower:

    Fall Quarter 2014:
  • EWRT 2 Orientation
  • English 2 online Class Web Site

    You will be able to login and begin the course work on Monday, September 22, 2014. A list of your reading and writing assignments will be available on the course site.
  • You can purchase a subscription to an e-book version of the recommended, but not required writing textbook, Writing Analytically at the following site:
    Writing Analytically, 6th Edition

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