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Welcome to De Anza College "info only" faculty webpage!

Please note that this college faculty brief info site is Not used as course "instructional website", please see/click on the links listed left if you would like to go to an actual instructional sites, such as De Anza College supporting Catalyst site as well as many other publishers supporting learning management system sites, such as Connect(McGraw-hill) or CengageNow (South-West Cengage) or PageOut, etc.

I am a full-time tenured member of Accounting Department faculty here at De Anza College in the Business-CS Division. Our Accounting Department offers "Accountable Accounting" curriculum with a wide array of courses including upper division accountancy program courses, such as Intermediate Accounting, Financial Reporting and Auditing, Cost Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Forensic Accounting, and more. when, unfortunately, "Unaccountable Accounting" became a hot discussion topic in our country.

Classes taught & currently teaching on De Anza campus: Accounting 1A - Financial Accounting I, Accounting 1B - Financial Accounting II, Accounting 1C - Managerial Accounting, Accounting 51A -Intermediate Accounting I, Accounting 51B -Intermediate Accounting II, Accounting 58 -Financial Auditing and Assurance, Accounting 66 -Cost Accounting,

Fraud Examination and Fraud Deterrence course is in process of development.

Accounting 1A, 1B, 1C, 58 (Auditing), and 66(Cost Accounting) are taught in the traditional format as well as in the distance learning format. All online courses cover the same material as the traditional accounting courses taught on campus. The online courses have been designed for students that are self-motivated and have good study skills and have difficulty attending classes on campus. In terms of course content, rigor, and work load, online course sections are equivalent or even holding higher standards /expectations compare to in-class sections of the same courses.

See the DeAnza Distance Learning Center Website for registration

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California History Center on our campus: California History Center is located on the north side of our beautiful campus here at De Anza.  The center is also used as class rooms as well as exhibition center on campus. da ivy: De Anza College Ivy on Campus. Many people don't know this, but this is a picture of the outside of the DeAnza jail where students have to go when they do not do their homework. It is hard labor indeed, splitting rocks, digging holes and being fed nothing but turnips and cauliflower. (It's a vegetarian jail).

A lot of people also are not aware that many criminals started their life of crime by not doing their homework. It is a known fact that Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Jesse James, Martha Stewart and Michael Milken never did their homework. This elite group now includes the two bozos from Enron - Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling... The next thing you know - a life of crime and prison and/or death. It is a bleak outlook to be sure.

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Office on campus: De Anza Campus Forum Building, Office number: Forum 5B
Campus direct phone line: 408-864-5727
E-mail at school server:

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