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The Honors Program provides students the opportunity to explore the subject matter in more depth beyond the regular class curriculum. Honors projects challenge students to think more analytically and to make more connections between their classes and with their world. The experience helps students transform themselves, their communities, and their environment. Students who participate in the Honors Program regularly succeed in achieving their academic, career, and life goals .

The Honors Program is designed

  • To challenge students to achieve their intellectual potential.
  • To improve students' critical thinking, writing, and discussion skills.
  • To help students understand the connections between disciplines.
  • To encourage close interaction among students and with instructors.
  • To support timely and appropriate student transfer objectives.

The Honors Program at De Anza invites you to consider the advantages

brochures: Encountering outstanding faculty committed to your success and the highest standards of teaching

Connecting with other students committed to academic achievement and intellectual development

Small classes emphasizing discussion (CORE) and regular classes shared with Honors students (COHORT), which parallel university freshman and sophomore classes.

Occasional linked interdisciplinary classes which reflect the collaboration of faculty in different disciplines who are committed to high standards of teaching and learning.

Honors Scholar designation on transcript and diploma which communicates high achievement to transfer institutions and future employers

Access to the Honors counselor and developing a transfer plan

Participation in special honors events and activities, including speakers, performances, and service activities

Letters of recommendation from the Honors Coordinator.

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