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Welcome to the website for Instructor Diana Fleming.

Diana Fleming has been a full-time instructor with the Language Arts Division of De Anza College since 2000.  She teaches pre-transfer level composition, transfer-level composition, and literature courses.  Assigned reading topics tend to focus on themes of ethnic and cultural identities; socio-economics; gender politics; feminist perspectives; and psychological influences and self-esteem.   

When not teaching, Instructor Fleming enjoys spending time with her husband and son.  Her hobbies and interests include travel, film studies, diverse cuisines, interior design, fashion history, and of course, reading literature.

OFFICE:       building F-1 (door F-11a)
PHONE:      (408) 864-8604
orange tree:


EWRT 2 "Critical Thinking"  Mon.-Fri.  8:30am

ELIT 10 "Introduction to Fiction"  Mon-Thurs.  9:30am

Office Hours for Spring quarter

Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:30pm to 3:30pm 

(also available by appointment)

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