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Phone: 408-864-8818
Office: A36
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Tues/Thurs 11:30-12:20
Friday: 11:30-12:20

Other times by appointment

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Welcome to my De Anza College website. Here you'll find general information about the classes I teach; information, updates and handouts for current students; concert listings for world music, guitar, and western "classical" events, links to related websites and classes.


Ron will be on leave for the Winter and Spring quarters. He will still respond to email, so feel free to contact him for any reason.

Musicians wanted!
If you play an orchestral or wind instrument, check out Chamber Orchestra (Music 31), or Symphonic Wind Ensemble (Music 42).
We offer other performing opportunities, open to all De Anza College students:
  • Music 20: De Anza Chorale - 6:30PM-10:20PM M
  • Music 21: Vintage Singers - 11:30AM-12:20PM (1:20PM Friday) MWF
  • Music 34 Jazz Ensemble - 4:30PM-6:20PM MW
  • Music 48 & 68 - Jazz Improvisation I, II - 6:30PM-9:20PM M

Check out the De Anza Classical Guitar Facebook page!

Music 56A, Beginning Acoustic Guitar is now offered at De Anza! This quarter, we also offer Music 16B, Blues, Jazz, and Popular Guitar!

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