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Posted by Greg Druehl, 12/12/05 at 11:31:44 AM.


February 2005

Greg Druehl: A picture of Greg Druehl

Greg Druehl has spent most of his professional life working in education.  Most recently he teaches United States Government and International Relations at De Anza.  He also serve as the Chairperson of the Political Science Department.  He has been an educator at De Anza for 27 years and has served the college as both an administrator and a faculty member. He began in 1978 as the director of Student Activities and Student Accounts and held a number of administrative posts including acting vice president of Student Services and dean of College Services. In 1999, he chose to become a full-time faculty member in political science and has subsequently touched thousands of lives with his exemplary pedagogy.


He received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Stanford University, a master degree in International Relations from San Francisco State University and his doctorate degree in education (organization and leadership) from the University of San Francisco.


A visit to a classroom with more than 100 students in attendance revealed Greg's charismatic teaching style that is neither preachy nor proselytizing. students are attentive, engaged and vocal. Greg provokes critical thinking through well-organized content and liberal dashes of humor,said Judy Miner, vice president of Instruction. He also judiciously uses classroom time to encourage student awareness and use of support services. 

Greg had equal praise for De Anza students. They are outstanding and responsive. Sometimes students will drop by and talk about their future education, or government and politics, he said, "Students interaction inspires me. Even their challenges to ideas I am sharing, are great. It makes me think about what I teach and how I teach, which can contribute to better teaching." 

The following letter typifies the gratitude that students have expressed over the years for this instructor and his efforts to keep them engaged and informed: A student wanted to write and say thank you for announcing the Graduation Open House. I am a re-entry student (I have two kids, a husband of 12 years, part-time job and 17 units at De Anza). I have been going to college off and on for 15 years. On Thursday I was listening to you talk about the Graduation Open House and I started thinking about what classes I have left for my have one: art. I was able to get my paperwork in on time and I will participate in the graduation ceremony this year! I enjoy listening to your lectures, and I appreciate your words of encouragement in the class.

The inspiration to teach came to Greg while he was an undergraduate tutoring high school students.  "I believe education is central to democracy, and to believe in freedom and democracy is to believe in education,"he said, "Being a champion for his students education comes from the examples of his teaching heroes. My faculty adviser in graduate school inspired me beyond belief. He devoted himself to his students and his subject matter. He lost his job standing by his students,"Greg said. My professor of political theory when I was an undergraduate lectured so brilliantly a weekly standing ovation was not unusual!

A fellow instructor said of Greg; I respect the dimensions of political life and encourages students to engage actively in the dialogue that keeps those dimensions alive and reflective of human reconstruction.

Carolyn Wilkins-Greene, dean of the Social Sciences and Humanities Division, knows from personal experience that Greg takes his work and students seriously.She has known and worked with Greg for a very long time. He is conscientious about whatever he does, whether teaching or administering,"she said. It has been my pleasure to work with him in providing equal opportunity in the hiring of new faculty and in his capacity as the political science department chair during this past year.

Carolyn added, Greg classes fill up immediately with diverse populations of students because his reputation is that he has a fair, balanced approach to political science pedagogy from multiple perspectives. Greg absolutely enjoys teaching and really likes students.  Greg combines high academic standards with high expectations and support for student success. His popularity is well deserved as he embodies instructional substance and style!"Judy said. 

"Student tutors and assistants have made a real difference in my work, "Greg said. "Their help with record keeping and related tasks has given me more time to devote to students. My former students working as tutors have inspired me and contributed to student success."

One of Greg's goals as a teacher is to impart to his students a love for learning and a desire to participate in the democratic process."I look forward to coming to teach every day. There is a sense of community among many faculty members here that is empowering and rewarding and this enriches my experience at De Anza,"he said.

Greg chose an autographed copy of Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 by Anna Deavere Smith as his award from Judy.

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